Cyber Zombies Ahoy


All hail the great German leader... OF THE FUTURE!

After Nanao and Leon returned to the helicopter and assisted Briar, Dex and Louis continued searching the city. Without finding a great deal, they started returning to the helicopter, but noticed a sign pointing the way to a nearby medical clinic. Discovering a particularly oblivious zombie in the window of a building, they returned to the helicopter to rest and obtain backup.
Returning the next day, the zombie was nowhere to be found, though there was no shortage of other zombies – even Leon and Jean got some excitement, brief though it was, with Leon dispatching their assailant with a single blow of his stun gun.

Continuing on towards the medical clinic, the party discovered that although there was not much of value to be found, there was an intriguing lead into the story behind the virus. John Linskey had killed himself, with a letter linking him to someone called Vikus, and a police report claiming that Vikus had been invented by Linskey.

This left them with one lead: a group of “crazies” from Stuttgart had stolen some of Linskey’s incriminating research. Looking for more information, the party headed to Stuttgart.

Landing on a small private hospital attached to a large shopping mall, the party discovered a hole in the underground parking lot, from which emerged a group of hapless lackeys demanding submission. When faced with the frightening visage of Leon spinning a grenade around his finger, however, the men lowered their weapons and allowed themselves to be questioned.

Well, all except one, last heard running back down the tunnel from whence they came…


MixolydianV MixolydianV

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