Laura Midell

Scary cyber-girl


V. Scary.

Communication skills- not very good. Deliberate?

Super extendable fingers-problematic.

V. heavy= prob. reinforced skeleton. Strengthened muscle fibres?
– poss. weak point= abdomen?? Underneath jaw?? Electricity??

Dramatic backstory= blind? loyalty to v. v. suspicious scientist, colleague of Briar- Old flame?

Sensitive. Doesn’t like being called ‘evil demon zombie child’.

Approach w/ caution. Do not follow down dark alleyways, shadowy corridors or basements if poss. can avoid. Prob. trap. Let Jean go first. Do not call it ‘evil demon zombie child’. Look busy and maybe it won’t notice you’re there. =)

Prob. can smell fear. Problematic.


Laura is the daughter of Dr Midell[citation needed], the head of research at the LVB. Her father was conducting research into nanobots[citation needed], and towards the end was involved in studying the virus.

Ultimately, Laura was attacked by zombies[citation needed] and was found unconscious[citation needed] by her father, her body shredded and blood everywhere. Presuming her dead, and driven to madness by grief, he killed himself[citation needed] [the only other possible witness/culprit being Laura]. She was then found by Dr Neil Carthage[citation needed] who, realising she was still alive, immediately took moved her into the surgery at the LVB.

After three weeks with little rest or food, Neil managed to stabilise Laura’s condition, though he was forced[citation needed] to replace massive portions of her body with prosthetics, in a procedure that most would have believed impossible.

Laura is fiercely [excessively?] loyal towards Neil and considers him to be her father, having disowned her own father after discovering[citation needed] what he had done.

Although most of her body can be modified at will, Laura generally remains about 5’4", black-haired and grey-eyed. Her skin is always European, and her teeth can become sharp as she chooses.

Laura Midell

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