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Once the other half of a fairly competent private eye duo, Leon was left at a loose end when his partner Marcel, the ‘brains’, fell prey to the cybernetic virus through the memory enhancement implant. Observing the increasing paranoia and voilent activity in his friend, Leon tactfully took his annual leave and the petty cash, and stole away to Paris, where after the purchase of a new trench coat, a metal detector and a frag grenade (they were on special) and a swish new haircut at Salon Louis, he joined the survivors in the Catacombes.

Having decided to take the Zombie Apocalypse as a chance to rethink his direction in life, Leon is now taking the oppurtunity to travel the world. Having once read a pamphlet about the mystery and haunting beauty of the far East, he has hopes of free board and food at Nanao’s family home in Japan, and so is escorting/ following her there.

He both likes and fears respects Briar, and trusts her. Mostly. Enough.
Nanao is rather like a puppy. Except with epic ninja skills and an unfortunate tendency to befriend evil demon zombie cybernetically enhanced/ rebuilt children.
Although at times Maria gave Leon inferiority complexes, he misses her, especially at those times when fighting a large zombie and rolling 2’s.
Jean de Brun- fabulous on screen, fairly fabulous off screen, in small doses.
Louis is unpredictable at times and is now weak to electricity- but go Team Deagle!
And Dex is Dex. He has a very big sniper rifle.


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