Suspiciously well groomed, considering the world was well into 6 months of a zombie apocalypse, Nanao’s heart was stolen by the sultry pout of Louis as he lay wounded in the catacombs, mourning his dishevelled locks. So hard to find decent hair gel during an apocalypse. Nobody understands what he’s been through.

His fate unknown, the team left him with a pistol and rations and a small tub of mousse back in the catacombs and have not seen him since. Will Nanao ever see him again? Will they ever sing to each other once more? Was he even listening, or was it just a wave of emotion inspired by the mousse?


Mother worked in the leather fashion industry and his father was a celebrity hair dresser. His bassinette was hand cured armadillo leather with rivet detailing in the baroque style. Had his first hair styling session at eight.

At the time of the apocalypse, he was touring with his cat and about to make an appointment with a psychiatrist to address the occasional singing voices which had appeared after the loss of his parents in a suspicious salon fire. (Electrical malfunction)The salon was located close to an implant manufacturing plant.

Weeks into the apocalypse, his genuis with leather was discovered, and quickly gained influence with the surviving population hidden in the catacombs. Leather never dates.


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