Cyber Zombies Ahoy

The Bad Plan
or, The Dangers of Splitting the Party

After landing in Strassburg to refuel and resupply, the party were immediately attacked by a group of hungry zombies. Due to their clever navigation, however, they landed in an open area that allowed them to see far from the helicopter, allowing them to make easy work of the initial enemies.
After they had finished with the zombies, a quick look at the nearby demolished building revealed nothing, and the party decided to split.
Nanao, Leon, Dex and Louis head into the city, and spent several hours searching for likely salvaging sites.
Bored of waiting and listening to Jean’s christian pop, Briar decided to make a more thorough investigation of the collapsed warehouse in whose trade area the helicopter was parked. After spending several minutes working on it Briar had come up with her plan:
Walk straight in through the most concealed entrance, making as much noise as possible.
Needless to say, this did not end well. The Cunning zombie that had been hiding in the ruins leaped down at her from its hiding spot and quickly savaged her. Its ferocity could be compared to that of a starving sausage dog.
Hearing Briar’s screams, Jean leaped to the rescue and pulled out his radio, calling for help. Realising that noone else was going to get back in time, he decided he should take a hand and ran after briar, as heroically as possible.
After easily beating back the zombie that had made such short work of Briar, Jean did his best to stop her bleeding, and managed to keep her alive until the much-more-capable Nanao turned up with Leon and suggested that a bandage might help.

What excitement awaits? Will Briar’s wounds become infected? Will Louis and Dex survive alone in a hostile city? More importantly, will they be able to find anything useful without Nanao there to point it out? Find out next time, on CYBER ZOMBIES AHOY!

Story so far
What's happened (needs revising)

Briar, Leon, and Nanao had been found by a group of police who were trying to safeguard whatever survivors they could from their base in the Catacombs of Paris. Unfortunately, MUZ (Mega-Uber-Zombie) made short work of the police, but while MUZ was distracted by them, the three escaped into the catacombs, met Louis and saved him. Then they escaped the catacombs, got mauled by some dogs and met Anne.

Shortly afterwards they met the other Louis and Jean de Brun who had just finished killing a zombie who realistically should have made mince-meat of them. I mean come ON.

The united group went to a hospital, found a helicopter, and flew off to Reims where they were attacked by some bandits, one of whom they adopted. The bandits were ret-conned into being good guys, thus making Louis out to be rather villainous for shooting them dead. They then raided a military base north of town for helecopter fuel, and totally wasted yet another really powerful zombie without even trying. Tch.

Having got fuel, the party returned to their helicopter and flew to Metz. In Metz they found a group of survivors who had made a base in a company building. The party then beat up some bandits, and found Neil and Laura. Neil, after setting a bunch of zombies on them, offered to give one of them a cybernetic enhancement. Weirdo.


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